A Novel Pain Assessment Tool
Expressive Painimation is a novel technology-based pain assessment tool that uses abstract animations, rather than words or numeric scales, to help patients communicate their pain experience and provide clinicians the needed information to accurately diagnose and treat pain symptoms. Unlike the traditional 0-10 pain scale and paper-pencil pain assessments, Painimation allows patients to express the dynamic nature of their pain symptoms without the limitations of varying literacy levels, languages or cultures, takes less time complete and is engaging for all age-levels, children and adults.

Innovators behind Expressive Painimation
Charles Jonassaint, PhD, MHS
Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, is a clinical psychologist whose work focuses on behavioral intervention technologies for improving chronic disease care. Dr. Jonassaint has extensive experience working with chronic pain patients and in the delivery of behavioral treatments for pain. He is also the co-inventor of pain symptoms monitoring and management mobile phone app.

PhD Psychology, Duke University
MHS Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins University
Nema Rao, MDes
User Experience Designer, Microsoft Co., Remond, WA, recently graduated from the Communication and Interaction Design Program at Carnegie Mellon School of Design. Her thesis work is the basis for this project and she intends to continue development and evaluation efforts to make Expressive Painimations meet the needs of patients with cancer pain.

MDes, Communication and Interaction Design,
Carnegie Mellon School of Design