Expressive Painimation: Redefining Pain Assessment

Dive into real-time patient data, sharpen insights, and enhance patient and provider experiences through our unparalleled technology. 

body image
Our tool ensures


Rapid deployment and real-time data retrieval.


Access our app from any mobile device or computer.


Designed for devices patients already know and use, ensuring ease and consistency.


Modular system that supports the addition of any questionnaire-based assessment or patient-reported outcomes.


Real-time updates without the need for patients to re-download the app.


We enable patients to describe the type, quality, and intensity of their pain through our proven electronic clinical outcomes assessment (eCOA) system by associating various Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) with Painimation, the seamless integration of a paintable body image with adjustable animations used to express pain a.k.a. “painimations”.

In addition to the standard pain outcomes,

our eCOA uses an advanced algorithm to objectively determine a participant’s 0-10 pain severity relative to the population, based on their response to the Painimation assessment.

Our eCOA tool

is more than just an assessment; it’s a revolution in patient data collection. Delivering clean, reliable, and immediate data, this tool integrates effortlessly into clinical workflows.

Its intuitive design is perfect for both Android and iOS, with consistent features accessible online or offline.
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